5 facts about eyelashes you probably didn’t know…

5 facts about eyelashes you probably didn’t know…

Get ready to be an eyelash expert!

While haircare and skincare are widely used terms and a big part of most people's daily or weekly routines, lash-care isn’t as well known… Here at RapidLash®, we believe lashes are just as important as the rest of your body!

Not only do lashes play a huge role in the overall look of your eyes and face, but they also have big responsibilities when it comes to eye health, and we think it’s about time we got to know them a bit better! So, here are 5 facts about eyelashes that you probably didn’t know already…

  1. Eyelashes are the thickest hair on the human body
  2. In the active growth stage, eyelashes grow about 0.16 millimetres a day
  3. Your eyelashes help to protect your eyes from the bright light of the sun
  4. Our eyelashes begin forming while still in the womb, approximately on the 20thweek of pregnancy
  5. Eyelashes are the most pigmented of all human hair which is why they don’t turn grey with age

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