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  • From the lab...

    Rapidlash® products are formulated in California’s International Research Laboratories- the birthplace of Rapidlash®’s iconic Hexatein® complexes. Made up of highly advanced ingredients such as Biotin and Polypeptides, and juicy, fruity ingredients such as Apple Cell Extract, our Hexatein® formulas make Rapidlash® products the industry stars they are today- we're super proud to be one of the only brands to offer scientifically-advanced serums!

  • ...to the shop…

    Offering an extensive range of products- from RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum and RapidBrow® Eyebrow Enhancing Serum, to RapidGlam™, the world’s first Mascserum- we’ve created a collection of products that go hand in hand, seamlessly. Curate your own ultra-effective lash-to-brow routine with consumer approved Rapidlash® products and benefit from built-in savings with our bundle sets that make lash and brow care just that bit easier. Someone's birthday coming up? Buy them the gift of a simple yet effective beauty routine!

  • ...to you!

    Rapidlash® wouldn’t be what it is without its amazing fan base and loyal customers. Having been an industry favourite for 15 years, Rapidlash® is only growing bigger and we couldn’t be happier to welcome more Rapidlash® lovers onboard! 86% of RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum users experienced longer-looking lashes in just 8 weeks and 93% experienced fuller-looking brows in 8 weeks when using RapidBrow® Eyebrow Enhancing Serum! With consumer-tested results and ultra-simple application, we provide products that fit into your routine, hassle-free. Check out our Before & After page for real life results from our lovely customers!

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Please be advised that we have recently discovered counterfeit RapidLash® and RapidBrow® products being sold over the internet by unauthorised retailers. There are very slight differences in the packaging and we have confirmed that the ingredients are not identical to RapidLash® or RapidBrow®. To avoid purchasing a sub-standard copy, we recommend that you only purchase RapidLash® and RapidBrow® products from authorised retailers, and when purchasing from Amazon ensure that the product states it is “dispatched from and sold by Amazon.”