Actress and vlogger, Millei Moran loves RapidLash® for "so many reasons”

Actress and vlogger, Millei Moran loves RapidLash® for "so many reasons”

Her results have given her the "confidence to rock the 'no makeup' look"

Millei Moran is a model, actress, and vlogger with a passion for making friends, drinking coffee, and looking after dogs - her content is both relatable and inspiring! We were beyond happy when we heard about the bubbly content creator's amazing RapidLash® results...

A woman with blond hair poses and shows off her longer-looking lashes

The model-actress shared that she loves RapidLash® "for so many reasons" but mostly because it gave her the "confidence to rock the 'no makeup' look"... We love makeup free days, especially in the summer, and truly believe that confidence is EVERYTHING so we were so pleased to hear this!

Millei also shared that, thanks to her RapidLash® results, she feels "more put together and fresh faced" with her longer-looking and fuller-looking lashes and added that "the application is so easy” - we designed RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum to be a simple answer to your lash dreams and easy application is a big part of that experience!

Millei also shared that she used our eyelash serum to enhance her lash lift results, something we highly recommend... Check out this post to find out how RapidLash® products can enhance your beauty treatment results this summer!­

A before and after photo of a woman's lashes before and after a lash lift treatment

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