Confidence and beauty; the stats and facts

Confidence and beauty; the stats and facts

The concept of beauty is one that takes up a lot of space in society – let’s be real, most of us think about our appearance every single day! Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle with the way they view themselves… Did you know that 80% of people aged 35-54 don’t feel confident in their appearance? And a shocking 85% of women don’t believe they are attractive? Stats like this highlight the importance of practicing self-care and working to boost one’s confidence…

Having first launched back in 2008 (15 years ago!), we’ve been working in the beauty industry for a long time and have, over the years, seen the power that our products have in increasing people’s confidence! Take our lovely customer, Millie Moran for example… The Instagram influencer shared with us that she loves RapidLash® for ‘so many reasons’ but the biggest thing it did was give her ‘the confidence to rock the no makeup look!’

As a beauty business, our core mission is to boost people’s confidence by enhancing their natural appearances and playing on their own beautiful traits… Testimonials like this fill us with joy; we’re always honoured to be a part of someone’s self-love journey!

Check out our lash and brow enhancing range for a simple yet effective approach to longer-looking lashes and fuller-looking brows.

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