Did you know… We've been around for 16 years!

Did you know… We've been around for 16 years!

The first ever sale of RapidLash® was on the 13th of August 2008, meaning we've been on the lash scene for:

5755 days

138,120 hours 

8,287,200 minutes

What does this mean? It means we've had 16 years of tried and true experience, so we can pride ourselves on providing premium serums that give real results! 

In our time on the serum scene, we've learnt:

🧪 Science is our friend

To make a truly effective formula, you need to get scientific! 

💜 Confidence is everything

We've adored seeing our customers' confidence grow as they achieve longer-looking lashes and fuller-looking brows with our serums

🎀 It's best to keep things real

Fake result pictures help no one! That's why we like to share pictures that reflect real results, on real humans!

Shop our serums now – they’re backed by science and experience!

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