Lash-care = self-care

Lash-care = self-care

Most of us have an evening skincare routine and a dedicated hair wash ritual, but what about lash-care? Lashes play a vital role in protecting our eyes and they deserve the same love and attention that we give our hair and skin!

Level up your self-care game today by adding a lash-care routine to your daily ritual. Find everything you need, plus instructions, below…




What to do: apply once every evening to the base of your lashes

When to do it: every day after removing your makeup/cleansing your face before bed

What it does: enhances the appearance of lashes to make them longer-looking and fuller-looking, with results in as little as 8 weeks




What to do: apply once a day to the full length of clean lashes

When to do it: on makeup free days

What it does: acts as a lash conditioner, giving lashes a shiny, defined appearance and protecting them from environmental factors




What to do: swap out your regular mascara for RapidGlam™, our serum and primer-infused mascara. Simply apply like usual mascara and remove before bed

When to do it: whenever you fancy a bold lash look

What it does: nourishes and enhances the appearance of your natural lashes while you wear it and after wipe-off


Shop now and see results in as little as 8 weeks!

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