Serum School: How to apply RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner

Serum School: How to apply RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner

This how-to guide is here to revolutionise your RapidShield® journey…

Part Three of Serum School has arrived! This is your how-to guide for the ultimate RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner application… The Serum School series exists to give you all the detail for superior application; using our products properly will maximise your results, and who doesn’t want that?

We’re all about self-care at RapidLash® and firmly believe that lashes deserve the love and attention we give our hair and skin; we’ll bet most people use a hair conditioner, so why not a lash one? Made with our Hexatein® 3 Complex, RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner consists of a carefully curated blend of ingredients specially designed to shield and condition your eyelashes. Our consumer studies show that in just 2 weeks, 96% of users experienced improvement in the appearance and condition of eyelashes*- that’s a quick turnaround!

We’re beyond happy with the results RapidShield® offers (bold definition, a shinier look, and improved condition) but we need you to help make RapidShield® do its thing… Ready to love your lashes? Follow the application steps and tips below for maximum results!

How to apply RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner

Step 1: Ensure that your eyelashes are clean and completely free from any makeup or skincare products before applying the conditioner.

Step 2: Using the spoolie applicator brush, apply the conditioner to the full length of the upper and lower lashes on both eyes.

Step 3: Wait a few minutes for the conditioner to dry before applying any other products (such as skincare or makeup) and then go about your day/night as normal or begin step 4.

Step 4 (optional): Apply your mascara and prepare for a clump-free, voluminous look! RapidShield® is designed to prime and protect your lashes for the ultimate mascara application and look.

When to apply RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner:

RapidShield® is to be applied once a day, either as part of daily skincare ritual or as part of a makeup/beauty routine­­­- we highly recommend applying RapidShield® before mascara (making sure you wait for it to dry first to avoid any mess and to ensure the best results!) for extra lash protection.

Tip: Keep your bottle of RapidShield® next to your toothbrush so you’re reminded to use it every day!

How often to apply RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner:

You only need to apply RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner once a day to achieve results. Consistent application is key but don’t worry if you miss a day- just make sure you get back on it the following day… Luscious-looking lashes are en-route!


Don’t apply RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner excessively; you may wish to use it multiple times a day (before applying mascara and after makeup removal, for example) but there’s no need to apply excessive amounts and extra application won’t boost your results. With RapidShield®, you can treat your lashes to a shinier look and healthier appearance with just one application a day- we pride ourselves on providing science-backed, effective products!

Make sure you subscribe to RapidShield® and other RapidLash® products! With our subscribe and save subscription service, you will receive your products at your chosen frequency (as often as you need them) which will ensure you always have product on hand- no need to worry about running out and stunting your journey and results! On top of the convenience of always having your RapidLash® products available, our subscribe and save subscription includes 5% off, so you’ll be saving yourself stress AND money- who knew looking (and feeling) good could be so easy?

So, you’re determined to give your lashes the love they deserve and you’re now an expert on application… There’s nothing left to do but start your journey! Don’t forget to share your Before + After photos with us on Instagram- we love to see it!

Keep your lashes peeled for the next Serum School instalment (where we’ll be giving you the low down on RapidGlam™ Lash Enhancing Mascserum application) and in the meantime, check out our RapidLash®  and RapidBrow®  guides, if you haven’t already- there’s a world of results waiting for you!

 *consumer study of 52 subjects over 14 days

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