The seasons are changing... This is your key to 24/7 lash care!

The seasons are changing... This is your key to 24/7 lash care!

Using RapidGlam™ during the day and RapidLash® in the evening is your answer to 24/7 lash care!

As the seasons change, our bodies react in different ways... Some parts might get drier, while other areas become oilier and, on top of these physical changes, a lot of us can also be emotionally affected by the change. Don’t worry though, your lashes can look great all year round!

How? With a good lash-care routine, of course! With our Lash Nirvana bundle (containing RapidLash® and RapidGlam™), you can keep your lashes looking luscious round-the-clock AND encourage yourself to dedicate a few moments to yourself everyday - every little bit of self-care counts!

During the day, use RapidGlam™ Mascserum for a bold, glam lash look that is simultaneously nourishing your natural lashes… Packed full of volume-boosting fibres and kaolin, as well as our scientifically formulated serum for longer-looking lashes in a matter of weeks, RapidGlam™ is the World’s FIRST mascserum! In the evening, take a moment to yourself and apply RapidLash® to the base of your clean eyelashes on both eyes - you can also use this daily moment as a time to de-stress and be in your own company!

If you don’t wear mascara every day, opt for our Lash Love Affair bundle (RapidLash®, RapidGlam™, and RapidShield®) instead; on no-makeup-days, you can use RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner for an extra daytime boost. Longer-looking lashes are coming your way…

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