The truth behind RapidLash®

The truth behind RapidLash®

While RapidLash® may seem like it’s just a little bottle of magic, there’s actually a lot of science behind it. Your lashes are important, and our serum is formulated with a small selection of effective ingredients that work to enhance the appearance of lashes to their full potential. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones…

Polypeptides, made up of beneficial amino acids, help to protect the lashes from breakage by boosting the protein content of the lashes. Less breakage = longer-looking lashes

Panthenol, aka vitamin B5, helps to seal in moisture for increased nourishment and an improved overall appearance

Biotin (also known as pro-vitamin B7 or vitamin H) plays an essential factor in maintaining healthier-looking lashes. You know that they say… Health is wealth!

Soybean oil helps to impart sheen, making the lashes appear shinier and more luscious

Pumpkin seed extract is high in minerals and vitamins and helps to enhance the look of lashes

All these ingredients combined make the RapidLash® formula with our unique Hexatein® 1 Complex, a carefully curated recipe for longer-looking, fuller-looking lashes!

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