These are the Spring self-care rituals we're loving right now

These are the Spring self-care rituals we're loving right now

Spring is officially here (hello lighter evenings!), and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re all looking forward to summer (well, except the winter babies) but this season is equally as gorgeous.

While summer is known for its sunny evenings, BBQs and socialising, spring is a time of rejuvenation and refreshment; the perfect moment to prioritise self-care… With that said, here are 5 self-care rituals we’re loving this spring.

1) Going for daily walks

As Dr Alex George often says, a good stomp is great for your mental health. We love going outside and stretching our bodies- breathing in the fresh air, giving our mind a moment to relax, and embracing all those feel-good hormones! 

2) Starting that thing we’ve always wanted to start

It’s time to stop procrastinating- it’s time to start that thing you’ve always wanted to start… Whether it be a crochet set, a small business, a baking class, or a blog, dedicate some time to give your passion the attention it deserves- you know you want to!

3) Building new beauty routines 

Beauty routines offer the perfect opportunity for self-care- a moment when we lock the bathroom door and focus solely on ourselves!

Why not start a new beauty ritual this spring: a lash-care routine, for example? Every part of you deserves care and lashes are not exempt from this! While taking care of your lashes, you’ll be prepping them for summer (#LushLashSummer anyone?), nourishing them for an enhanced healthy look, and taking a much-needed moment for yourself.

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4) Tidying our space 

Our HQ can get messy pretty quickly, but we always make time for a little clean up- as the saying goes, tidy space, tidy mind! Tidying and cleaning your space is a great way to set your day, week, or even month, in place. It's not a spring tradition for no reason...

5) Writing daily (or weekly) affirmations 

Although easier said than done, it's super important to make sure you’re viewing yourself and your life in the best light possible; with a positive and appreciative outlook. To make this easier for us, we've been trying something new this spring: daily affirmations. This includes writing down things like ‘I am strong-minded’, ‘I have a nice home’, ‘I am passionate about the environment’, ‘I am loving’, and so on.

By actively considering and writing down the things we're proud of, grateful for, and appreciative of every day, we're pushing ourselves to see the positive on a more regular basis and challenging the habit of negative thinking. If doing this everyday feels like too much for you, try doing it weekly instead- any amount of intentional self-love is better than none!

Any day is a good day to start practising self-care, but why not take the fresh spring air and these simple rituals as the perfect opportunity to start your new self-care journey today?

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