Serum School: How to apply RapidGlam™ The World’s First Mascserum

Serum School: How to apply RapidGlam™ The World’s First Mascserum

Get ready to live your best lash-life with this RapidGlam™ how-to guide

Welcome to Part Four of Serum School! Designed to give you all the detail you need for the best application of our products, the Serum School series is here to help you maximise your results and live out your lash dreams…

While RapidGlam™ does differ from the rest of the RapidLash® family, since it’s a makeup product, it still has the same goal as its siblings: to enhance the appearance of your natural lashes! Giving a bold, defined makeup look, RapidGlam™ Mascserum works like regular mascara but better- adding blackest black pigment and clump-free fibres to the lashes, the lash enhancing mascara gives a bold voluminous look, while also nurturing and enhancing the appearance of natural lashes underneath so that everyday can be a good lash day, makeup or not!

Containing elements of RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum, RapidGlam™ is powered by our very own Hexatein® 1 Complex- a blend of lash-loving ingredients that work together to condition and enhance the natural lashes for a longer appearance. While the creamy black mascara with fibres works to create an eye-catching makeup look, the RapidLash® elements set out to nourish and enhance the natural lash, leaving you with longer, thicker-looking lashes even on days without makeup… Our consumer studies found that a huge 91% of subjects experienced enhanced appearance of lash length in just 6 weeks*- wow!

We truly love RapidGlam™, its results, and the confidence it gives our customers and we’re really proud to say we have the World’s First Mascserum! While application is super simple, there are a few steps to help RapidGlam™ work its magic and to maximise your results! Use this how-to guide for the ultimate application and get ready for everyday to be a good lash day…

How to apply RapidGlam™ The World’s First Mascserum

Step 1: Make sure any face products you have applied prior to your mascara application have fully dried and settled before applying RapidGlam™ Lash Enhancing Mascserum. You can skip a primer as RapidGlam™ Mascserum is a primer, mascara and lash enhancing serum all in one!

Step 2: Start from the base of your lashes and glide the spoolie applicator brush towards the tips of your lashes, coating your lashes with the RapidGlam™ formula. Repeat this step as many times as you like, until you reach your desired lash look!

Step 3: To remove RapidGlam™, we recommend using an eye makeup remover and then rinsing with water. Avoid rubbing too hard or using water that’s too hot- gently press, pat, and swipe instead, and use lukewarm water.

Step 4: (optional): Take a before photo and get excited because longer-looking natural lashes are coming your way!

When and how often to apply RapidGlam™ The World’s First Mascserum

RapidGlam™, like any mascara, is to be applied as and when you like. On days without makeup, you can enjoy your longer-looking, enhanced natural lashes!


Don’t wiggle the spoolie applicator brush as you apply RapidGlam™- unlike other mascaras, RapidGlam™ is clump-free and creamy and doesn’t require any wiggling for a smooth application.

To boost your lash-enhancing journey, apply RapidLash® Eyelash Enhancing Serum every night, after removing RapidGlam™. Opt for RapidShield® Eyelash Daily Conditioner in the mornings on makeup-free days!

Make sure you subscribe to RapidGlam™ and other RapidLash® products! With our subscribe and save subscription service, you will receive your products at your chosen frequency (as often as you need them) which will ensure you always have product on hand- no need to worry about running out and stunting your journey and results! On top of the convenience of always having your RapidLash® products available, our subscribe and save subscription includes 5% off, so you’ll be saving yourself stress AND money- who knew looking (and feeling) good could be so easy?

Look out for more Serum School content and, in the meantime, check out our RapidLash®, RapidBrow® and RapidShield® Serum School guides! Keep us in the loop with your journeys and make sure you share your Before + After photos with us on Instagram- we love to see them!

 *Consumer study of 53 subjects over 42 days

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